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  • Web-based tools and Software Solutions
  • Mobile Apps and Games
  • 3D Virtual Worlds
Web-based tools and Software Solutions
PixelUp’s team of experienced software developers and consultants can help you design a suite of tools and functionalities tailored to your specific business needs. Our team develops web-based applications that facilitate multi-user access, stand-alone software applications for Mac and PC, and mobile apps for iOS and Android that can allow your team to access the tools they require on the go. Our web designers create high-impact interactive web experiences for your customers or workforce, making use of the most current web technologies and artistic approaches to develop cloud-based business tools, customer facing websites and digital marketing initiatives, social media content and campaigns, 2D and 3D e-Commerce portals and e-Learning applications, workforce training applications and serious games, and other digital solutions to help our customers increase their revenue and efficiency gains.
Our virtual collaboration and communication platforms represent a centralized, scalable, and flexible solution for improving eLearning applications and collaboration, reducing travel costs and other overhead expenses while increasing content assimilation. PixelUp offers a variety of services that implement interactive 2D and 3D technology for training and simulations, virtual customer care, product prototyping and review, and teambuilding and soft skills development, all of which are supported by real-time data reports for additional insight into usage and performance.
Please see our service section for additional details on our tailored software solutions, or contact us for more information.
Mobile Apps and Games
Companies looking to amplify their digital marketing initiatives and bolster their brand identity can’t afford to ignore the appeal of interactive entertainment. By building up communities around free-to-play mobile games, branded apps, browser games, and other branded entertainment services, they are able to enhance brand awareness, brand loyalty, and product promotion by driving prolonged and repeated exposure to their brand.
Interactive smartphone and tablet apps developed around companies’ products and brands allow them to broaden their reach, tapping into the rapidly growing mobile games and apps marketplace. By supplementing their digital branding efforts with forums, blogs, chatrooms, YouTube channels, Facebook games and apps, social networking functionalities, multiplayer gaming, and other tools necessary to cement online communities, companies can ensure a lengthy and pleasant stay for potential customers within their branded webpages and applications.
Please see our service section for additional details on our tailored software solutions, or contact us for more information.
PixelUp develops virtual worlds and interactive 3D solutions geared at facilitating business processes and boosting impact of sales and marketing initiatives. We combine the power of next generation gaming technology with a razor sharp focus on efficiency gains to deliver 3D business solutions tailored to our clients' specific corporate needs.
Our interactive web 3D experiences and innovative iphone apps, ipad apps, and android apps can boost your brand’s visibility, awareness, and appreciation. Our customized 3D corporate solutions empower your workforce with pixel perfect 3D simulations for virtual learning and online collaboration. Enhance performance with our immersive 3D training environments and web 3D business games, bridge the communication gap with your clients through our virtual tours and product demos, reduce your customer service costs with the aid of our artificially intelligent virtual agents and chatbots, and captivate your consumers with multi-player advergames and branded virtual worlds.
Whether you’re looking to reach out to your customer base or to cut operational costs and time spend, our team of experienced web 3D professionals can help you explore the potential of virtual worlds and web 3D technology for your business. Contact us now to find out what PixelUp can do for you!
Immersive virtual architecture for the City of Milan Read More

Inside PixelUp: Bits and Bytes of PixelUp

"Interested in virtual worlds and web 3D technology?"

Curious about PixelUp and our work? For a behind the scenes look into who we are and what we do, be sure to check out our media gallery for photos and video interviews, our press section to see what others have to say about us, our YouTube channel for samples of our work and interviews with senior staff, or our Facebook page for updates, articles and media.

Spotlight: Virtual Architecture

"A new virtual home for the City of Milan"

PixelUp develops a virtual reconstruction of Milan’s new Center for Employment Orientation, for the city of Milan. The virtual campus is a precise 3D replica of the new offices in the Lorenteggio area, which can be navigated via 3D avatars. See our projects section for an interactive demo.

Spotlight: GearUp Virtual Racing

"Gentlemen start your engines!"

PixelUp releases its advergame demo GearUp, a virtual racing game playable directly within a web browser that puts players from across the globe against each other over the internet. A demo version is now playable in our projects section, consisting in a single player 5-lap trial that serves to showcase PixelUp's advergame service. Full multi-player support and multi-platform compatibility coming soon, including iOS and Android versions.

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